Is It Sinus Pain or Toothache?

Is It Sinus Pain or Toothache? - Discover Dental - Calgary Dentists

You may be wondering what the connection is between sinuses and tooth discomfort. The reality is that when it comes to teeth in the upper arch, they can be incredibly close to the sinuses. This close proximity makes diagnosing any form of discomfort or pain a little tricky, as radiating pain from sinuses (or teeth) can confuse where the main source of discomfort is originating. So what should you do if you’re suffering an ongoing toothache for a few days, and you need to know if it’s the tooth or your sinus that’s the problem?

Roots of Upper Teeth and Sinuses

Understanding how close the roots of your upper molars are to specific sinus cavities makes it far easier to grasp the link between sinus issues and accompanying tooth pain. Canadians suffering from a head cold, especially in winter months when air dryness accentuates an already uncomfortable condition, frequently report a general dull discomfort from upper molars. Chewing and biting can become so painful that some may even try to avoid eating solids.

The problem is the force of the molars coming together makes the roots press into the surrounding tissue – tissue that is inflamed due to a sinus infection or head cold. And tooth pain relating to sinus issues isn’t just triggered during chewing. The buildup of pressure in the sinus causes nerves that enter and end at the tip of a tooth’s root to feel as though there is pressure lying over them. This results in a continuous dull ache that may only be remedied by taking a cold and sinus medication.

But What if the Problem is Your Tooth?

If you haven’t been suffering from a head cold or sinus infection, chances are that the discomfort you’re experiencing from an upper tooth may be directly connected to the health of the tooth. A sharp shooting pain that leaves you avoiding hot or cold foods or drinks usually indicates that a tooth is in distress, especially if the pain is becoming more pronounced and frequent. Unlike the dull, annoying toothache associated with sinus problems, pain that is related to tooth vitality can be very pronounced. Many patients wake up at night, and the pain becomes worse as days progress.

Any tooth or mouth pain should always be checked by your Calgary Dentist to rule out infection, cracks, and decay. Ignoring tooth discomfort rarely makes it go away, and it can in fact, prevent you from receiving the treatment you need. Dealing with a toothache? Call Discover Dental today at (403) 285-0222



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