Straightening Teeth – It’s Not Just About a Beautiful Smile

Straightening Teeth – It’s Not Just About a Beautiful Smile - Discover Dental - Teeth Straightening Calgary

According to the Canadian Dental Association, “good oral health contributes positively to your physical, mental, and social well-being and to the enjoyment of life’s possibilities, by allowing you to speak, eat, and socialize unhindered by pain, discomfort, or embarrassment.” The benefits of good oral health is exponentially witnessed during and after the process of straightening teeth. As symptoms associated with crooked and crowded teeth begin to diminish and the signs of increased health are observed, Canadians can be seen taking more pride in their appearance and feeling more confident. If you’ve been thinking that straightening teeth is all about beauty, you’ll be pleased to discover that the benefits of preferred tooth alignment are far reaching and go beyond the aesthetics of a smile.

Straight Teeth Don’t Just Look Good

The benefits of having properly aligned teeth go beyond a pretty smile; the entire dental system is impacted by a person’s bite, and it can be compromised in all areas when teeth and jaws don’t work well together. Dental health concerns such as jaw joint discomfort, gum recession, bone loss and excessive tooth wear are frequently noted in a mouth where tooth-to-tooth and jaw-to-jaw relationships are not ideal and result from imbalanced force and stress being exerted. Gum recession is often thought of as an “old person’s” disease and primarily associated with bacterial activity or toothbrush abrasion, but the reality is that when teeth are crooked and top and bottom teeth don’t interdigitate normally, gum; bone; joints; and teeth all suffer the consequences of a bad bite. Straightening teeth not only creates a more uniform smile that creates better facial symmetry and a more youthful appearance, but the process also aids in correcting other dental concerns caused by poor tooth alignment.

Straight Teeth Help Prevent Dental Decay

Along with improved gum health and the added comfort experienced from teeth working optimally within a system, there is another huge advantage that presents when teeth are straight: a reduction in the risk of dental decay. Canadians with crooked, overlapping teeth need to work extra hard to keep their smiles clean because their crooked teeth quickly trap food and plaque – creating the perfect environment for decay to form.  When teeth are straightened and are in good alignment, they exhibit self-cleansing attributes as food particles are easily rinsed away with water or the eating of an apple, and brushing and flossing becomes more efficient and effective – further reducing the risk of decay. But don’t take that as an excuse to stop brushing once your teeth are straight!

Straight teeth do make for a lovely smile, but they also help keep a mouth healthy. Interested in straightening your teeth? Talk to the General Dentists at Discover Dental today and ask about an Invisalign® consultation.


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