3 Things You Should Know About Getting Invisalign Braces in Calgary

In recent years, Invisalign technology has changed the way general dentists, not to mention the general public, think about braces and the process of straightening teeth. No longer do patients of any age have to deal with all kinds of metal braces and uncomfortable wiring in their mouths – all it takes is a set of custom-molded plastic devices to get a better smile than ever.

Because we field lots of questions about Invisalign in Calgary, we would like to offer three quick things we feel potential patients should know about the process, and our services:

1. It probably costs less than you think to get Invisalign in Calgary. Many new patients worry that they won’t be able to afford our treatments, or that they might not be covered by their insurance plans. What they are often pleasantly surprised to find is that the process is a lot easier and more affordable than they expect it to be.

2. Invisalign teeth straightening isn’t generally a painful process. As with any orthodontic treatment, patients might experience mild discomfort at a few steps along the way, but this is easily treated and doesn’t last for very long. At Discover Dental, we put your comfort and relaxation as a top priority, so you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary pain.

3. Having your smile perfected is worth it. There is no substitute for a happy, healthy smile, and undergoing Invisalign in Calgary is the easiest way to get one. Whether you need minor or major adjustments, we can put you on a plan of treatment to straighten your smile in no time. It’s one of the few decisions you can make in life that pays you back time and time again!

The easiest way to find out about specific pricing and plans for Invisalign in Calgary is to come in for a quick consultation, so why not schedule an appointment to meet with us today?


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