For Adult Orthodontics in Calgary – Ask About Invisalign

Adult Orthodontic treatment in Calgary can be an easy, comfortable, almost invisible option, when utilizing the many advantages of Invisalign. Invisalign® in Calgary is turned to as a viable orthodontic system for adults (and teens) who are seeking a bracket free alternative.

Can Anyone Wear Invisalign® in Calgary?
Any stigma that was once associated with wearing orthodontic brackets has long gone.  It’s clear that the benefits of seeking orthodontic treatment far outweigh any esthetic negativity that was once associated with orthodontic care.  Orthodontic treatment goes far beyond straightening teeth – as it’s addressing other dental issues such as jaw pain, chewing difficulties, abnormal wear on teeth and speech concerns.  Whether an individual is fourteen or forty – orthodontic treatment in Calgary is used to address more than just crooked teeth. But the good news is that Invisalign’s® clear aligners do not require the use of brackets and are considered ‘nearly invisible’ – making Invisalign® a great option for an adult with a busy social and work life.  Once you’ve had a consultation with your NE Calgary General Dentist or Orthodontist your orthodontic treatment can be diagnosed and the option of wearing Invisalign® can be discussed.

General Dentists in Calgary providing Invisalign® treatment have participated in continuing education so they are skilled in diagnosing and treating appropriate cases with Invisalign®.  General Dentists at Discover Dental in NE Calgary offer Invisalign® to adult patients who would benefit from the clear aligners.  Invisalign® offers a convenient solution for adult orthodontic care due to the lack of attention they draw to teeth.  The subtlety of Invisalign® allows adult patients to go about their day with confidence – while taking comfort in knowing that their bite is being improved.  Invisalign’s modern removable customized aligners gently and gradually move teeth in to better position by applying force.  As treatment progresses the patient wears a new aligner – changing aligners approximately every two weeks – until the desired treatment goal is reached.

Invisalign’s® Technology
Invisalign® providers in Calgary
have modern technology at their fingertips which utilizes 3D imaging to create an impression of a patient’s teeth. Using this 3D technology during the consultation a patient is able to view how their teeth will move during the various stages of treatment.  Invisalign® aligners are custom-made to the 3D imaging – there’s no one size fits all approach – only customization that focuses on each individual case.

Seeing Your Calgary Dentist During Invisalign® Treatment
Patients who wear Invisalign aligners will change aligners approximately every two weeks.  It’s important that the patient see their Calgary Invisalign® provider every six weeks so that it can be confirmed that the overall treatment plan is on schedule and correct tooth alignment is occurring. Compliance with the treatment plan is essential to the success of treatment – so taking aligners out only happens at meal times and for brushing and flossing.  Maintaining regular dental cleanings during Invisalign® treatment will ensure that your new smile is not only beautifully straight but shining bright as well.  NE Calgary Dentists at Discover Dental welcome new patients and are happy to explain the many benefits Invisalign® offers adult patients who are motivated to correct tooth alignment.  Call this NE Calgary Dental office today and make a consultation to discover more about Invisalign®.


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