Are Calgary Invisalign Treatments More Expensive Than Traditional Braces?

This is a common question that parents, young professionals, and other Calgary Invisalign patients have, especially in today’s uncertain economy. Naturally, when it comes to exploring costs, there isn’t any single answer that applies to everyone – the costs for Calgary Invisalign treatments vary by patient, just as they do with traditional braces.

There are a few things we can tell you that will probably help, though:

You will likely not see a big difference between prices for Calgary Invisalign orthodontics and traditional braces. There was a time when Invisalign was new, and much more expensive than traditional braces. For the most part, however, the differences these days tend to be small, especially when you consider the convenience and effectiveness of Calgary Invisalign braces.

Invisalign is covered under a number of dental insurance plans. If you have dental coverage through your job, then it’s likely that Calgary Invisalign orthodontics are covered under your plan. To get specific answers about your insurance, simply call your provider or get in touch with our office.

Discover Dental in Calgary offers flexible payment options. If you do have a co-pay, we’ll work with you to make sure that your Invisalign treatments are as convenient and affordable as possible. Most of our patients find that the expense associated with our work is very small, while the benefits are truly priceless.

Invisalign is a better value for most patients. When you consider how important your self-esteem can be, choosing Invisalign orthodontics over traditional braces is an easy decision to make. From teens to adults, our patients love the results we are able to give them – making Invisalign affordable is just a welcome side benefit!

Why not find out for yourself how affordable Calgary Invisalign treatments are? Call or e-mail a member of the Discover Dental team today and we’ll get you the specific answers you need.


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