What is an Avulsed Tooth, What Causes Them, and What Can You Do About Them?

Do you need to see a Calgary dentist about an avulsed tooth? Want to know more about what they are, and what you should do when they occur?

An avulsed tooth is one that has simply been knocked out as the result of an accident. There are any number of ways this can happen, with on-the-job accidents, contact resulting from sports, and mishaps around the house being common causes.

Painful as they might be, the best scenario for an avulsed tooth is when it has come out relatively unharmed, meaning that it’s no longer in a patient’s mouth, but is structurally intact. In those situations, the avulsed tooth can often be re-inserted into the mouth by a Calgary dentist without serious long-term effects.

So, how do you deal with a knocked-out tooth? Here are some steps to follow immediately:

If dental care is not available, you can try to reinsert the tooth yourself. It’s important to note that the tooth should first be cleaned thoroughly with the person’s saliva, and not with any other substance. In addition, it’s helpful if the person can remove any blood that’s in the tooth socket – debris, dirt, and other foreign materials can cause abscess or infection.

If you can reach a dentist, clean the tooth and bring it into a Calgary dental office right away. While it’s okay to clean the tooth with bottled water, it’s best transported in a cup of milk if you can find one. Then, reach your Calgary dentist as quickly as you can, and even phone them on the way over to let them know you are facing a dental emergency with an avulsed tooth. The sooner your dentist is able to take action, the better your chances of keeping the tooth.

Although an avulsed tooth can be frightening and painful, quick action by a Calgary dentist can minimize the pain and damage to the patient’s mouth. For more questions, or emergency service, feel free to contact our office right away.


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