Why Baby Teeth Should Be Babied

This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth.
This is the way we brush our teeth, early in the morning.

It may be a nursery rhyme dating back to the early eighteen hundreds, but this cute little ditty has saved many a child from a toothless smile.  Even our ancestors valued the importance of maintaining and preserving the health of baby teeth – and went to great lengths to conjure up any form of encouragement to make sure little ones brushed diligently.  Times may have moved on – and the birth of the electric toothbrush has made brushing time less stressful and more effective – but the underlying message remains the same – baby teeth (or deciduous teeth) play an important role in the development of healthy adult teeth, arch formation, speech, and overall oral health.

NE Calgary Dentists at Discover Dental in Falconridge are passionate about informing patients about the importance of keeping baby teeth healthy and for the desired amount of time.  Acknowledging that some people may view baby teeth as expendable as a set of permanent (adult teeth) are waiting to erupt – the reality is that baby teeth play a vital role in the healthy development of adult teeth, effective chewing, and the formation of words (speech).  And though the Tooth Fairy may make the odd visit to a child’s pillow – regular visits by this fantasy creature is not the goal.

NE General Dentists at Discover Dental go on to explain that early loss of baby teeth; due to decay or trauma, causes the undeveloped adult tooth to erupt prematurely and/or not in the desired position due to space being lost by the early loss of the baby tooth.  Tooth decay is the number one cause of premature loss of baby teeth – but can be easily prevented by maintaining great home care, eating a healthy balanced diet, and ensuring your child visits a Calgary Dentist regularly for routine exams and cleaning.  Regular visits to a NE Calgary Dentist provide an opportunity for any dental concerns to be detected early and treated swiftly.  Allowing a Dentist in Calgary to take x-rays also increases the chance for decay to be diagnosed in its early stages – and for the tooth to be saved.

Dentists in NE Calgary at Discover Dental want every child to have a healthy smile and encourage parents to schedule an appointment for their child to have an exam and cleaning.  Call today 403.285.0222


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