Dental Abscess a Concern for Calgary Dentists

A dental abscess refers to an infection inside the tooth – affecting the nerve (pulp) of the tooth. This type of infection occurs when tooth decay has gone untreated, a tooth is cracked, a trauma has happened, resulting in not only the hard tissue of a tooth being destroyed but soft tissue as well – the nerve.

You may have a dental abscess if you’re experiencing swelling, pain when chewing, constant dull toothache, bad breath and/or a bitter taste in your mouth. You may also experience fluid draining from the tissues around the tooth.  This is the abscess draining.  Immediate contact with your Calgary dentist is required as the infection needs to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further tissue being destroyed.

NE Calgary Dentists – Dr`s Dhesi, Dhillon, Jandu and Minhas are knowledgeable in diagnosing and treating the signs and symptoms of a dental abscess.  This team of Calgary General Dentists will take an x-ray of teeth to accurately diagnose the issue and which tooth is affected.  An x-ray can confirm an abscess and reveal any damage to surrounding tissue (bone).  Your Calgary Dentist will probably test the tooth’s sensitivity with a pressure and temperature test.

Treatment options for a tooth that is abscessed can include Root Canal Therapy or Tooth Extraction – depending on how severe the infection is and how badly damaged the tooth is.
Root Canal Therapy involves cleaning out the infected soft tissue – pulp – and sealing the roots which allows the tooth to be saved.  However, if it’s a wisdom tooth that is abscessed the probable treatment recommendation will be an extraction as the long-term prognosis will be guarded.

Having regular check-up exams and x-rays with your NE Calgary Dentist will allow your dentist to monitor the health of your teeth.  Avoiding x-rays will increase the chance of potential concerns going undetected – leading to more extensive treatment.  Call today to schedule an appointment with a dentist at Discover Dental in NE Calgary – 403.285.0222 – and discover the many health benefits of maintaining regular dental care.


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