Dental Veneers – Another Option For Straightening and Whitening Your Teeth

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Not everyone is naturally blessed with straight white teeth.  And though there are different options available to improve and correct the look of a smile, some options require a certain amount of time to create a beautiful smile.  If wanting a better smile next week is high on your priorities then you may be interested in the transformative effects of Lumineer® veneers.

Dental Veneers – Another Option For Straightening and Whitening Your Teeth - Discover Dental - Dental Veneers Calgary

What Are Lumineers®?

Imagine something as delicate as a contact lens but with the strength of porcelain.  That’s the beauty of Lumineers® – veneers that are paper-thin; able to create a smile that resembles natural tooth structure and color but with durability to provide essential function.  The other benefit of Lumineers® is their ability to transform a smile with minimal preparation of the natural tooth.  This means that the natural tooth doesn’t have to be reduced dramatically – a step that is very common when placing a dental crown or more traditional veneer.  With Lumineers® a tooth may require the surface being roughened slightly – enabling the veneer to be cemented in place.  Patients who have a tooth that is out of alignment slightly; maybe a little further back than other teeth or a tad shorter are great candidates for veneers as in placing the dental restoration a straighter, fuller smile is created.

The Advantages of Lumineers®

General Dentists at Discover Dental in the community of Falconridge NE Calgary can attest to the many advantages Lumineers® offer patients who are looking for a more esthetically pleasing smile.  Smiles are as unique as our thumbprint which means that shape, size and alignment differs greatly between patients.  What every patient does have in common is the desire to have their best possible smile – and that can be achieved using different restorative or orthodontic methods.  Lumineers® is a restorative option that can create the appearance of straight white teeth in just two appointments.  Developed by Den-Mat Corporation these porcelain Cerinate veneers are a pain-free option for attaining a beautiful smile.  The conservative nature of placing these veneers means that no freezing is required and the minimal amount of tooth preparation translates to reduced tooth sensitivity and increased comfort.  Strong, durable and proven to last many years when properly cared for – Lumineers® are a great option for patients who have minor flaws like discoloration, slight misalignment and shape and size discrepancy.

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