Does it Matter Where You Get Your Invisalign Braces in Calgary?

Once you’ve made the decision to go forward with Invisalign braces in Calgary, you may wonder if it matters what general dentist you work with.

Even though the basics of the treatment are going to be the same from one practice to the next, you definitely want to look for the general dentist that’s right for you. That’s because the right professional won’t just make the process easier and more comfortable, but can actually make a difference in the long-term results.

Here are three factors to consider when evaluating general dentists for Invisalign in Calgary:

Their experience. Obviously, it’s a good idea to have an dentist who has worked with Invisalign for a number of years, if possible. Additionally, it helps if you can speak to former patients and see before-and-after photos to get a sense of their work.

Location. Although it’s hard to beat Invisalign when it comes to convenience – most patients only have to stop by every six weeks or so once the treatment is underway – it’s still easier if your professional has an office that’s close to your home or work.

Insurance and fees. Each dental practice is set up to work with some combination of insurance carriers, and there may be differences in the fees you pay for Invisalign in Calgary – both through your coverage provider and out-of-pocket. Be sure to investigate your options before you make a commitment.

Your comfort with the dentist and their staff. Invisalign treatments are quite simple, especially as dental and orthodontic procedures go. Still, the more comfortable you are with your dentistand his or her staff, the easier things will feel, and the less stressed you’ll be throughout every visit.

If you are considering Invisalign in Calgary, then why not choose a general dentist with a great reputation? Call or e-mail the team at Discover Dental today to setup a consultation and find out more about treatment and pricing.


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