How Do You Actually Use Calgary Invisalign Braces?

Most of the patients who come to see us at Discover Dental to learn about Invisalign in Calgary are already familiar with the basics of the treatment. They know that Invisalign offers a way to straighten teeth and get a more beautiful smile without having traditional metal braces, and without having to change the way they eat and live their lives.

That’s wonderful, but what they sometimes don’t know is how Invisalign braces are actually used. In other words, they are curious about the process of actually getting and using them.

In case you have similar questions, here is what you really need to know about using Invisalign braces in Calgary:

The first step is an examination. Once we have had a chance to look your teeth, your jaw, and your bite, we can begin the Invisalign straightening process. The first visit isn’t long or complicated, but it allows us to form a plan of action.

Next, we’ll design a custom treatment system. One of the interesting things about Invisalign in Calgary is that no two sets of braces are the same – you’ll receive unique orthodontic appliances that fit perfectly to your mouth.

Once you get your orthodontics, we’ll see you for periodic appointments. Generally speaking, after your appliances have arrived, you’ll wear them for a set period of time (usually a couple of weeks each) before changing to the next set you’ve been given. That means we will usually only have to see you once every two or three months.

And finally, your teeth will be gradually straightened. Most of our patients are pleasantly surprised at how quickly they see results, and how easy it is to gradually form the perfect smile they have always dreamed of.

It’s that simple! Invisalign truly does represent a revolutionary way of straightening your teeth and giving you a great smile. To find out more, simply call or e-mail us at Discover Dental to make an initial appointment today!


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