The Best Thing About Getting Invisalign in Calgary

When you ask new patients what they like most about Invisalign treatments, many will tell you that they love the fact that other people can’t see their braces. That makes perfect sense, and is obviously one of the big draws of our invisible orthodontic treatments.

If you were to ask people who have had Invisalign in Calgary for a while what they think is great, however, you might get a different answer: that they are able to forget about their braces themselves.

Allow us to explain. With traditional metal braces, you don’t just get conspicuous wires and rubber bands that everyone can see in your mouth, but you also get a bit of discomfort, cuts on your gums, and a restricted diet as part of the process. That isn’t the fault of the general dentists, but a simple side effect of the way braces used to work.

With Calgary Invisalign treatments, however, your orthodontic appliances aren’t just invisible, but also gentler on the rest of your mouth. For one thing, they are smooth on the outside, so you won’t feel them scraping against your gums. And for another, they can be removed at meal times, allowing you to enjoy the foods you love, clean your teeth, and replace your braces without any hassle.

The fact that you can change out your Invisalign devices at regular intervals and clean them easily just makes them even more convenient, and more hygienic.

So, even though you might be drawn to Calgary Invisalign orthodontics for the effect they have – or rather won’t have – on your appearance, we are willing to bet you’ll appreciate the fact that they are much easier to wear, clean, and keep as well.

Isn’t it time you called Discover Dental today to find out about the benefits of Calgary Invisalign treatments?


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