NE Calgary Dentists Explain Why Dental Fillings Sometimes Need Replacing

Like all things in life – nothing lasts forever – and unfortunately dental restorations or ‘fillings’ are no exception. Though Dentists in Calgary strive to provide a level of dental care that creates maximum longevity of dental materials and procedures; replacement of fillings, crowns and bridges are sometimes needed due to natural wear, cracks, decay and potential breakage.

NE Dentists, at Discover Dental in Falconridge, focus on promoting patient awareness of the subtle signs and symptoms that might indicate a filling needs to be replaced. Deterioration of dental restorations is a normal occurrence, especially in individuals whose ‘bite’ may be imbalanced. An imbalanced bite can cause a lot of force to be exerted on certain teeth. The constant pressure from daily chewing, clenching and grinding causes dental fillings to wear, crack or chip. Certain filling material can also discolor over time, leading to them needing to be replaced. For patients who have white fillings in front teeth; replacement of a discolored, stained restoration can also create a whole new smile.

It’s important for patients who are aware that they clench and grind to have regular dental checkups with their Calgary Dentist. Dentists are able to detect cracks during a routine exam; and if they suspect cracks, or decay present under a filling, will request x-rays be taken to make an accurate and complete diagnosis. Decay can occur under a restoration if there is an opening between the filling material and the tooth structure. This opening allows bacteria and debris to leak down between the filling and tooth and overtime can cause discoloration, sensitivity and decay.

Dentists in Calgary may recommend replacing a filling if the existing restoration is very large – where there is more filling than tooth structure – and the tooth is at risk of breakage. Replacing an existing large restoration with a ¾ crown or full coverage crown can make the difference between keeping or losing a tooth.

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, rough or jaggedness against the tongue, see a crack or recognize that your fillings are wearing due to clenching and grinding, contact one of these NE Calgary Dentists for a consultation concerning the replacement of your fillings. New restorations not only add longevity to the life of your teeth and dental health but can create a more youthful, brighter, smile. Call Discover Dental today 403.285.0222 – New Patients Welcome



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