NE Calgary Dentists Extract Wisdom Teeth

Dentists in Calgary know that wisdom teeth can be troublesome – that’s if you’ve got them!

Anthropologists believe that wisdom teeth – also known as third molars – were present due to our ancestors diet of course dry meat, roots and hard berries, which required a lot more chewing than today’s soft diet.  As a result, wisdom teeth are now viewed as non-essential teeth from an evolutionary perspective.

Regardless of evolutionary advancements, if your wisdom teeth have fully erupted without concern – that’s great.  Just make sure that you pay extra care and attention when it comes to brushing and flossing these teeth as you want to make sure that you floss the back of these teeth – even though it can be tricky – as food tends to get easily trapped around wisdom teeth which causes inflammation of the gums and can lead to infection.  Your NE Calgary Dentist may still recommend that you have your wisdom teeth extracted, even though they are fully erupted, because of the challenges of keeping them clean and debris free.

Partially erupted wisdom teeth – teeth that have erupted through bone and some gum tissue – can become particularly concerning due to the high risk of developing Peri-Coronitis which is a condition where the tissue covering the partially erupted tooth becomes inflamed and infected.   Because the tooth is partly covered by gum tissue food particles and bacteria are constantly becoming trapped under the gum.  The trapped food and bacteria causes the tissue to become infected – leading to extreme discomfort.  Peri-Coronitis requires antibiotic intervention to get rid of the infection – and then extraction of the wisdom tooth to ensure ongoing infection doesn’t occurDentists at Discover Dental in NE Calgary are experienced in diagnosing and treating wisdom teeth issues and encourage patients who are suffering discomfort to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.  These NE Calgary dentists stress the importance of contacting your Calgary Dentist if you suspect you have an infection.  Infection in your mouth travels throughout your body – affecting your entire health.

Wisdom teeth that have not erupted – due to positioning as they are often lying on their side – need to be extracted to prevent further issues, such as, pushing forward against other teeth.  A molar that is being pushed on by a wisdom tooth can develop root decay – which if left undetected can result in tooth loss.  Wisdom teeth pushing forward against other teeth can also lead to crowding as other teeth get pushed out of alignment.

Whether erupted or non-erupted; Wisdom Teeth require regular monitoring to ensure all potential concerns are diagnosed early.  Allowing your Calgary Dental team to take regular x-rays lets your Calgary Dentist to see the condition of your wisdom teeth and treatment plan accordingly.  Patients around the age of 17 often experience discomfort as wisdom teeth start erupting. Maintaining regular cleaning and check-up appointments gives your dentist every opportunity to monitor the eruption and handle concerns as they arise.

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