Preventative Dentistry in NE Calgary

NE Calgary Dentists are all about getting you healthy and keeping you healthy.  You know the old idiom “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – well that’s a valuable claim when it comes to your dental health.  Dentists in Falconridge at Discover Dental know only too well how easy it is to put off beneficial habits – they’re human after all.  We all know the importance of daily exercise, eating a healthy diet, and taking care of our health by visiting your family doctor and Calgary Dentist regularly.  But just how valuable are regular visits to your General Dentist?

How valuable are the oil changes to your car? – Yep that valuable.  We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, seeing your NE Calgary Dentist for routine check-up exams, x-rays, and cleanings is the easiest and most beneficial habit you can form for your health.  For some patients it’s the fear of associated costs that stops them from seeing a dentist in Calgary on a regular basis – but just like the maintenance of your vehicle, regular oil changes are more cost effective than replacing an engine.  You’re probably wondering what the car talk has to do with keeping your teeth healthy – well it comes down to preventing expensive surprises by maintaining a level of continual health.

When you commit to regular visits to the dentist, and hygienist, you’re allowing your dental health to be monitored and assessed at regular intervals.  Major dental concerns tend not to flare up overnight, but are slowly created by ignoring warning symptoms and avoiding routine dental appointments.  During an exam with your NE Calgary Dentist – it’s not just teeth that are being examined – all tissues of the mouth are inspected and reviewed for signs of Oral Cancer, Viral Infections, Bacterial Infections, Unusual Oral Growths, Inflamed Tissue (gums, throat, and cheeks), and any indications that may reveal signs of disease and tooth decay.  Wondering why the dentist has you stick out your tongue to look at the top, and underneath, this muscle? Well it’s all part of a standard oral cancer screen that isn’t just protecting your dental health – but your life.

General Dentists at Discover Dental encourage to call to schedule a Routine Dental Exam and Cleaning – start investing in your dental health – your whole body will thank you.


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