Receding Gums 101, According to NE Calgary Dentists

Every Calgary dentist has seen his or her share of receding gums, as they are a fairly common problem. As the name suggests, the symptoms of receding gums are tissue that seems to be drawing back from teeth, sometimes to the point where the root of the tooth is exposed.

In the initial stages, patient might feel as if their teeth seem “longer,” and the condition can eventually lead to pain and sensitivity.

Often, new patients want to know what causes receding gums. There are a number of different issues that could be to blame, but the most common are:

  • Genetics. Some people are just more naturally prone to receding gums.
  • Gum disease. Receding gums can be the first sign of bacteria buildup and gum disease.
  • Brushing the teeth too aggressively. It is actually possible to wear away your gums with brushing that’s too hard.
  • Exposure to nicotine. These substances can be very harmful to the tissue in your mouth.
  • Grinding teeth. Grinding teeth create stress in the mouth, which can lead to receding gums.
  • Broken or crooked teeth. As teeth move or become misshapen, it can cause problems with the surrounding gums.
  • In-mouth piercings. These can rub against the tissue in your mouth, and slowly work your gums away.
  • Poor overall dental care. A lack of brushing, flossing, or dental visits can allow material to build up in your mouth and wear away gums.

If you think you may have receding gums, it’s important not to ignore the situation. That’s because, regardless of the cause, there are a number of treatments available for receding gums, depending on the patient’s needs and the severity of tissue loss. Regardless of what’s needed, we’ll walk you through your options and put your comfort first, so don’t hesitate to see us soon.

If you have symptoms of receding gums, or simply need a great dentist in Calgary, why not set an appointment with a member of our team today?



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