Restore Your Smile With These NE Calgary Dentists

Dr’s Dhillon, Dhesi, Jandu and Minhas of Discover Dental in NE Calgary offer years of experience practicing General Dentistry in the community of Falconridge.  With a focus on providing restorative dental options to patients of all ages, this group of Calgary Dentists are able to make even the most worn down smile healthy and beautiful again.

Restorative dentistry in Calgary is about managing oral health issues that require restoring the mouth to its natural form, function, and optimum health.  Restorative dentistry includes, but is not limited to, placing fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers and implants. The ability to prevent tooth loss by improving tooth form, structure and health makes restorative dentistry a vital part of any General Dental Office in Calgary.

Teeth often require restorative treatment due to being naturally worn, have existing dentistry that requires replacing, is decayed or broken, is at risk for breakage or loss due to having a root canal, or has been damaged as a result of an injury – don’t forget to use a custom sportsguard! Old fillings that are worn down or don’t ‘fit’ the tooth anymore are highly susceptible to developing decay under the original restoration.  In recent years it has become customary to replace old mercury (silver) restorations with white or tooth colored material.  The desire to have tooth colored restorations is sometimes driven by esthetics, but often the critical factor is that the existing mercury filling no longer performs optimally due to wear and potential risk of underlying decay.

There are advantages and disadvantages that come with different materials so having guidance from a Calgary Dentist in using a material that’s ideal in your situation can contribute to the long term success of dental treatment. Whether your treatment involves placing a new white filling, porcelain crown or fixed bridge, having a knowledgeable, skilled dental team is the first step in creating a beautiful, healthy, functional smile.

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