Sedation Dentistry – When You Need a Little Extra Support

Dentists in Calgary understand that not everyone loves visiting their dental team.  In fact – for some patients the mere mention of the dentist makes them feel faint and nauseous.  Other patients manage to dodge dental appointments with the same skill as Jason Bourne dodging bullets – but sooner or later you’ll need a dental appointment, so why not make it easy on yourself and ask us about Sedation Dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry – When You Need a Little Extra Support - Discover Dental - Sedation Dentistry Calgary

How Can Sedation Dentistry Help You?

From treatment that sounds scary to routine procedures that you find hard to tackle – Conscious Oral Sedation and Nitrous (laughing gas) are forms of sedation that enable you to remain conscious throughout the procedure, but in a relaxed calm state that helps you complete dental treatment you may otherwise ignore.  Everyone gets a few nerves when faced with sitting in a dental chair for treatment – and some patients have an ability to talk themselves out of any anxious moments.  But for some patients’ anxiety can hit hard – making them feel overwhelmed with fear that induces physical responses like nausea, dizziness and a sense of panic.  NE Calgary Dentists at Discover Dental in Falconridge want patients to know of options available that can help them overcome dental jitters so that major or routine appointments are easy to complete.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

Conscious Oral Sedation involves taking medication prior to your dental appointment.  Once you have shared your up-to-date medical history with your dentist and it has been established that you are a suitable candidate for Sedation Dentistry then a prescription for a sedative will be prescribed.  The medication may be given in pill or liquid form and is usually taken one hour prior to your appointment.  It’s important to mention that you are considered impaired when taking sedation medication and therefore need someone to drive you to your appointment and drive you home and supervise you if necessary.  Sedation Dentistry works by slowing the central nervous system – making a person less responsive to smells, sounds and other physical stimuli – often with a slight amnesic affect which prevents patients from remembering what they deem to feel is unpleasant.

Are you nervous to visit the dentist – do you cancel dental appointments because of fear – do you have dental treatment that needs to be completed?  Contact the team at Discover Dental today 403.285.0222

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