Sleep Dentistry in NE Calgary

NE Calgary Dentists at Discover Dental strive to make every dental appointment as easy on the patient as is possible.  For some of us; going to the dentist is a relatively easy appointment that doesn’t have us breaking out in a cold sweat.  But this isn’t the case for all dental patients – in fact statistics reveal that a whopping 75% of Americans have some degree of fear associated with seeing their dentist, and of this amount 5 to 10% have a full blown dental phobia Wikipedia

So you’re probably feeling better that you’re not alone when it comes to avoiding dental appointments in Calgary – but why avoid necessary dental procedures when options are available for controlling irrational fear associated with a trip to your NE Calgary Dentist?  General Dentists in Falconridge NE Calgary are aware of the level of anxiety some patients experience when preparing to see the dentist.  In order to help patients maintain regular dental visits – this group of NE Calgary Dentists provide Sedation Dentistry as a safe and helpful option to patients who would otherwise avoid dental appointments.

Sedation Dentistry or Sleep Dentistry as it’s referred to in the industry, has been allowing nervous dental patients to proceed with dental treatment they would normally have put off due to extreme levels of anxiety.  Safe, efficient, and cost effective, Sedation Dentistry has literally enabled patients to complete multiple dental appointments in a relaxed, calm state.  Wondering how Sedation Dentistry works? What’s important to mention is that it’s not for everyone – patients who are taking certain medications, or who have particular health issues, are not candidates for Sleep Dentistry due to potential complications.  Once it’s established that Sleep Dentistry is for you – it involves taking a prescribed medication in pill form prior to your appointment – the amnesic effect of the medication means you won’t have any recollection of discomfort or fear – but you do remain conscious at all times and responsive to the dentist’s and staffs requests.  And for those patients who require a little heavier sedation – Discover Dental provides IV Sedation.  Regardless of what type of Sedation Dentistry you elect, you are considered impaired and therefore require someone to bring you to your dental appointment – pick you up – and stay with you for the rest of the day.

Discover Dentists in NE Calgary welcome patients enquiries regarding the many benefits associated with Sleep Dentistry – and are happy to provide a consultation to determine if you are a suitable candidate.  Providing dental services that include Preventative Cleanings – Cosmetic Dentistry – Invisalign and Damon Braces – Restorative Procedures – all services are performed by General Dentists.  Call today and discover just how easy your next dental appointment can be 403.285.0222


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