Straightening Your Teeth

Do you stare enviously at smiles that show straight teeth?  Maybe it’s the lip support or wideness of the smile that attracts you?  Regardless of what attribute catches your eye; it’s fair to say that straight teeth and a beautiful smile is head-turning.

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Are You Thinking of Straightening Your Teeth?

General Dentists at Discover Dental in NE Calgary understand that reaching a decision to straighten your teeth can take time – as there’s many factors to take in to consideration – such as achieving the desired result, time involved in creating an improved smile and coming to terms with wearing an orthodontic system.  One of the exciting aspects of moving forward with orthodontic treatment, is knowing that systems have improved the esthetics, comfort and performance – no more train-track or metal mouths.  Manufacturers of orthodontic appliances understand patients’ goals of wanting to improve the look and function of their bites but in a discreet manner – without drawing attention to the fact that they are going through orthodontic treatment.

More Than One Orthodontic System

Regardless of your age or teeth straightening needs – NE Calgary Dentists at Discover Dental aim to provide orthodontic solutions that provide comfort and effectiveness with minimal noticeability.  As Certified Invisalign® and Damon® Clear providers – the team at Discover Dental acknowledge that not one system will be ideal for every orthodontic need – so being able to give patients options enables treatment goals to be met.  Invisalign® and Damon® Clear are proven teeth straightening systems that move teeth in to desired positions by applying force to specific teeth.  Invisalign® is known for its clear, removable aligners, making it an exciting option for patients who want maximum ease and comfort – and Damon® Clear incorporates the use of clear orthodontic brackets and micro fine wires to move teeth efficiently, with minimal inflammation of surrounding tissues.

Benefits of Straight Teeth

Having straight teeth and a beautiful smile might mean you receive compliments; but there are other benefits to straightening your teeth that goes beyond esthetics and consist of improved oral health due to ease of flossing and cleaning.  It’s hard to keep crooked teeth clean as food debris easily gets trapped between teeth – increasing gum inflammation and risk of dental decay.  Improving the alignment of teeth actually makes it easier to keep teeth clean.

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