Teeth Whitening in Calgary

NE Calgary Dentists at Discover Dental are excited to share the many benefits of teeth whitening.  Teeth Whitening is a safe and easy opportunity to brighten your smile and address some of the reasons why teeth become stained and darken.

Stained Teeth in Calgary
For some patients their teeth are stained due to taking certain medications, such as Tetracycline.  As much as a patient may try to whiten their teeth with toothpaste, due to the nature of the stain – it’s beyond the surface of the tooth – a stronger bleaching option is required to lighten the staining.  Even teeth that have been exposed to a little too much coffee and red wine benefits from the fast and effective whitening a Home Bleaching Kit provides.
Teeth Whitening in Calgary
is one of them most sought after cosmetic procedures.  The result can be dramatic – whitening teeth several shades – and providing the perfect pre-treatment step in preparation for replacing existing Crowns, Bridges and White Fillings.  As the whitening solution only works on tooth enamel – existing dentistry will not lighten in colour – so keep this in mind before committing to any type of teeth whitening application.

Teeth Whitening can be an effective option for patients in Calgary whose teeth have Fluorosis – this is where teeth have a mottled appearance due to exposure to too much Fluoride during tooth development.  This condition does not respond to regular cleanings with your hygienist, as the staining is within the tooth structure.  Bleaching the teeth will lighten the non-mottled parts of teeth – creating a uniform appearance.

NE Calgary Dentists see great results when patients who have naturally yellow teeth whiten their teeth.  Not everyone is born with bright white teeth – and like other aspects of aging, teeth tend to darken as we age.  But no one has to be stuck with dark, yellow teeth.  In just one hour a day – usually two thirty minute sessions – patients can whiten their teeth several shades in just a matter of weeks.  The ease of using a Home Teeth Whitening Kit allows patients to create a more youthful appearance in the comfort of their home.

How Easy is Teeth Whitening in Calgary?
Dentists at Discover Dental in Calgary
can have you smiling brightly in just a couple of appointments.  An impression is taken of your teeth at the first appointment – then custom top and bottom trays are fabricated to fit your teeth perfectly.  It’s important that bleaching trays fit correctly so that all teeth benefit from the bleaching effect – customization is lacking with store bought products so the end result will not be as dramatic.  At your second appointment your NE Calgary dentist will have you try your new bleaching trays in to ensure proper fit.  You will be given instructions on how to apply the bleaching gel and how long to keep the teeth whitening solution in.  Sometimes patients will experience some tooth sensitivity when whitening their teethThis is a normal side effect of the bleaching effect – and it lets us know that the whitening solution is working.

Dentists at Discover Dental are excited to help patients achieve the best smile they can and welcome your enquiries regarding Teeth Whitening in Calgary or any other Cosmetic Dental procedure.  Options are available to whiten and brighten dark, stained, yellow teeth.  Call today to discover how these NE Calgary Dentists can help.


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