Tooth Decay and Mouth Sores in Calgary

Dentists at Discover Dental in NE Calgary have been bringing you the top 10 dental concerns – and this week it’s all about tooth decay and mouth sores.  Tooth decay is something Calgary Dentists witness on a regular basis – often it’s seen in young patients who haven’t quite mastered the technique of effective daily brushing – but too often it is an issue that affects adult patients and can be extreme in some cases.

Tooth decay in adults is usually the result of a lack of regular brushing and flossing.  When plaque and calculus are allowed to build-up on tooth surfaces the amount of bacteria present in the mouth also increases.  There are always some bacteria present in the mouth; but when unhealthy levels of bacteria exist the risk of tooth decay – or cavities – is heightened due to the increased acid formation.  In order for a cavity to form there has to be plaque (made up of bacteria) and sugars (carbohydrates).  When the bacteria in plaque and sugars in our food combine, the by-product is acid; and it’s this acid that destroys tooth tissue which leads to the development of a cavity.  Every time you eat sugary food an acid-attack occurs, lasting approximately twenty minutes, and intensifying the risk of developing tooth decay.  Failing to brush and floss daily causes plaque to remain on tooth surfaces and available bacteria to react with food.  Dentists in NE Calgary stress the importance of good home care to avoid not only tooth decay – but tooth loss – as it is not uncommon for adults to lose teeth prematurely as a result of decayed teeth.

Discover Dental Dentists have been sharing the top 10 dental concerns for adultsbad breath, gum disease, tooth decay, and now mouth sores. Mouth sores consist of canker and cold sores, leukoplakia, erythroplakia, lichen planus, candidiasis, and oral cancers. Many sores that appear in or around the mouth are a response to an irritant, such as an ill-fitting denture, orthodontic wire, tobacco product, or allergy.  Canker sores can be incredibly painful but they are not contagious or precancerous. Over the counter medication may provide some relief from the discomfort, but these annoying sores will heal in time.  Cold sores are often brought on as a response to a stressor – be it physical or emotional.  Unlike canker sores – cold sores are contagious and are easily spread through kissing, sharing a cup or bottle, or by direct touching.  Anti-viral medication is usually prescribed to prevent or handle a cold sore occurrence.  If you have a cold sore and are scheduled to see your Calgary Dentist for treatment – informing your Calgary Dental office is recommended as treatment may have to be rescheduled.

NE Calgary Dentists at Discover Dental check for mouth sores and screen for oral cancers during your routine dental check-up.  Maintaining regular visits to your Calgary Dentist not only keeps your teeth healthy but presents an opportunity for your dentist to check for precancerous lesions.  Don’t neglect your dental health as it may affect your overall health – many diseases are discovered by dentists during regular exams – if you are due for a routine exam call Discover Dental today 403.285.0222

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